Defend and Dominate then sweep the rewards in the Death Match Event!

Event Period:
06/21 – 07/03 23:59 (Server Time)

1. Play a 3 on 3 Team Match in order to participate the event

2. The event will end once you win 20 times or lose 3 times in a row, whichever
comes first.

**Three lives will be given to every character in your account daily!

3. The event will reset daily during the event duration at 0:00 (server time)

4. You will receive a loss reward once you lose in a match. ( Maximum of 3 per day)

5. All rewards will be sent directly to your characters locker.


Win Reward:

No. of Wins
1 1000 Points *1
3 Point Ball * 4
5 High class DIY material box * 1
10 Item Ball * 3
20 Card Sub Att * 2

Loss Reward

(x x) Box
You can get one of the following:
Toy Manual(L)*1
100 EXP,
Point Ball *1,
Toy Battery (S)*2
Item Ball*1,
Card Ball *1