bok Queen Cerny Joshua as MDPS still good?
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    Queen Cerny Joshua as MDPS still good?

    Hi guys, Is QCJ still a good mdps? I want Rubiana but I can't afford her. So is QCJ a good mdps substitute since I can afford to get her already.

    In lie with the topic, I also want to ask if eva sharon is good as well? I saw that she has 50% damage return so will that work on boss dps and makes her a good mdps?

    Sorry I have so many questions. Hope you could answer all.

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    After HUGE nerfed ... NO.

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    At 5 stacks Joshua is almost as good as Rubiana the issue is building stacks and burst vs more sustained damage Burst is far superior to sustained damage.

    Pre-nerf Joshua was stronger than Rubiana is now.

    The other problem is Rubiana scales better with refresh mind than Joshua

    Rubiana has larger burst but then down time waiting for her 4th skill to recharge. Often bosses die from first burst (due to multiple people hitting) so its rare for Cerny to get her full advantage.

    Sharon is not good.

    Overall Rubiana beats Joshua but Joshua is still usable.
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    For Tactics she is good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ponning001 View Post
    For Tactics she is good.
    If u mean quest Ver. YES

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    Thank you guys for your feedback. I will forget QCJ then

    Is there anyone else that I should consider to build for mdps? Considering my budget of 400m, I don't think its possible for me to get Rubiana anytime soon..

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    I think the cheapest and most decent mdps to start with would be Berthe but she's only good if you are transitioning to Joshua/QSJ since you can just transfer tomes. Queen Joshua is actually better than Rubiana in certain occasions like doing daily boards in apostodero because of her huge channeling aoe that can clear mobs easily. Both QSJ and Joshua also has a debuff that reduces enemy atk, I don't know, kinda useful for tanking I guess. But yeah, if it's raw damage within a short time, Rubiana is better.

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