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    To reassure you, whiskeybob (who commented earlier on) is also one of the players that have been around for a long time and who knows Navyfield like his trouser's pocket

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    Actually we are not greedy about the service of Navyfield Europe.

    If the minimum maintaining cost covered and little bit plus situation, then EuroGameZ will keep running this decent game service nearly forever or at least 10 years more ^^

    We want to provide more comfortable situation to all EU Fans of this game and hope to keep running this game in EU ^^;;;

    Thank you

    Team EuroGameZ

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    Just give admin rights/mod to Dudelebowski already :P

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    Oh, and another related thing: Give us back the possibility to split MANUALLY battlerooms into opposing teams.

    This is an important option to have, especially with the current server population.

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    Hi together,

    one Question: Why do you think, that those points will bring back players?

    I prefer the old NFEU settings too, but atm things like lvl 120 or 125 or pilot stats are nice to discuss, but does it really help to get more players?

    If you want to change a thing fast: Make neuts tradable at lvl 1. So if there is really a new player out there, old players can help fast with neuts. For me... i won't lvl one neut to lvl 11 just for trading.

    Greets kakarott

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    Dear All ^^,

    Manual battleroom option has been suggest to Dev ^^

    Even though the tough situation, we will keep trying things for the long term scope ^^

    Team EuroGameZ

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    All this is good (the above) but the main problem is a small number of players.Daily play 7-8 people.
    Did you notify the old player's email?
    The data you have.
    I accidentally heard that the game was restarted.
    I think a bigger number of players will give a recognizable character to this good old game.
    After that you can think about everything and suggest how this game is at a former level.

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    I agree with venom and kakarott - it is not the changes back to NFEU settings that will automatically bring back players.

    This needs to be communicated, and not just here on the forum!

    The majority of players doesn't come here, for various reasons: Either they are not very forum-minded, or they don't speak English.

    You need to reach everybody with their email! As a few people might have changed their email since 2013, or your mail communication just ends up in their spam filter, you can also talk to people from former large fleets and ask them to relay this info.
    Quite a good number of these fleets have become communities for other games as well, so there you can reach a good number of active people who might like to come back to Navyfield.

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    Dear All,

    We will send the newsletter together with the patches ^^

    thank you for you all!

    Team EuroGameZ

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    Hello, everybody!

    As for me I honestly do not see any advantages of such changes. But never mind, let me introduce my thoughts about some items:
    Regarding item 1 (top level 120), 2 (max vets 40%, not 50%).

    I spent rather lot of time to level up sailors to 125 level. I think there are other players who are in the same situation. The time used to level up sailors is priceless. As I remember it was about 1 or 2 months… :\ Real difference between 120 and 125 is like between elite and super elite sailors and even less. So I don’t see necessity to reduce level cap. It is your choise - to play and level up them or not.

    Regarding item 5 (pilot stats were different: "scout" stat was disabled, "fighter" stat was for all pilots' attack, "bomber" for defense.)
    The main difference that the stat “fighter”, “scout” and “bomber” were working for all pilots. So players rolled pilots with max bomber/fighter/scout stat. Bomber stat made pilots more healthy, scout gave them better distance of view (not sure) and fighter gave them more agility and strength. So the correctly rolled and leveled up scout could easily take down not top fighters or bombers. Taking into account that there are elite pilots with only one stat maxed elite pilots were useless. That’s why it was decided to change it to the new system. And as for me this decision was good.

    In this way I think that current situation is ok. If somebody want to roll sailors week by week it is his choice, but the question is what to do with the elite sailors 120 lvl +, time and money spent on them… in case they will be useless again.

    Finishing the idea – I’m against item 1 and 5 of possible changes as I don’t understand their advantages and curently see only disadvantages.

    Best regards,

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