Dear GEEU Fans,

On 24th of July 2018 tomorrow, our Game Server will be down for the patch and regular maintenance.

- GEEU game server down: From 07:00 till 11:00 (CEST)


1. 29.69.56 Update!!

2. The 12th Anniversary Pioneer Journal event starts!
- Period : From 24th of July ~ 31st of July begore maintenance during a week!

3. 2018 New Teacher Costume Limited Sale begins at at Cash Shop(Web).
- Period : From 24th of July ~ 7th of August during 2 weeks!
- Teacher Costume for Joshua, Queen Sereni Joshua, Rubiana, Eileen, Kael, White Wolf

Thank you for your passion for GEEU server and we will do our best for better service.

Thank you,
Team EuroGameZ