bok Sakura vs Daria vs Doom
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    Sakura vs Daria vs Doom

    Can someone show AFK DPS & Active spacebar DPS & Active skill dps of Sakura vs Daria and or doom?

    Or can someone tell me how she compares.

    Can somone explain to me her Ultra Instinct buff what it does and how long it lasts please?
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    UI lasts 30 sec.
    Basically it shares mechanics with Holy Sword(tho buff effect is different)- you gotta get stacks every 30 secs until it`s fully stacked ,and when it`s fully stacked- you get a buff with unlimited time.
    The difference is that you get stats while stacking, not only when buff is transformed.

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    I dont have what u want. But I got this videoo from Junbae Lim for ya.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moerte View Post
    I dont have what u want. But I got this videoo from Junbae Lim for ya.
    Sakura vs BSI? Unfair test. At last Judith... if need pole user.
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    I use 2 C.Daria with holy sword buff
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    Doomy is not enough for spacebar (afk mode) bcz he able attack only 1 mob per hit :c

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    Agreed. Only fast attack when fully buff.
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    Who is better in afking at Clock Tower Basement, C daria or Sakura?

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