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    [GEEU] About the Pet Buff Not-Overlapped Situation

    Dear GEEU Fans,

    Recently Dev has been fixed the pet buff overlapped situation because of some critical server situation.

    Actually the basic rule was "Pet Buff is not over-lapped" but we maintained that buggy situation because of user's call.

    But that Pet Buff Overlapped situation has been started to effect unstable server situation and Dev decided to fix it urgently yesterday patch.

    Sorry about the confusing situation and we will keep trying to make stable server situation.

    Thank you for your understandings,

    Team EuroGameZ

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    Sorry I can't understand your English at all, you maintained the buggu situation cuz of the user's call? what are you talking about?

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    As i can see...
    1)This thing was a bug all that time.
    2)They knew about it,and devs were about to fix it, but due to GEEU(or maybe worldwide) players asking to keep it this way- they kept it "overlapped"-able.
    3) Devs found some bugs with this buff (probably with the whole situation of 2 pet buffs at the same time), and they had no other choice but to fix it yesterday.

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    Elephant's buff is underwhelming when alone. The only reason everyone bought it is because it stacks. Devs should've boosted it's effects after changing the stacking situation because now the pricing on the item shop makes no sense. Elephant is 1499 EGC while much better pets like Divino (package) is 1119 and Dragons are 1299.

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