[Developer's Note] Goddess of Water, Aisha !!

Hello, this is Developer N.

Here, I'm going to introduce new character [Aisha], the Goddess of Water.


She was a girl of an ancient village in Altria and became the goddess by Owner of Water.
However it seems that she doesn't realize her status as the goddess at all.

According to Lada, she has never done any mission as the goddess.
She has been hibernating in the lake until Goddess of the Earth Lada pulls her out of the lake.
In a sense, she's great..

As she slept for many years, her clothes were also old.
So, Lada bought Aisha the new clothes she is wearing now.
Ah! The pillow Aisha wears in her side is chosen by Aisha herself.

Aisha looks incompatible with Aclla.
Unlike Aclla who is serious and enthusiastic in everything, Aisha is tired of everything.
Look! Aclla is throwing her staff at Aisha who is sleeping. And then.. Wow! Aisha succeeded in avoiding it while sleeping.

[Development Story]

Q: What made you develop Aisha this time?
A : Following Goddess of Fire [Aclla] and Goddess of Earth [Lada], we want to show another goddess character. Now, we're considering other goddess characters.

Q : Do you have any emphasis on Aisha's skill or concept?
A : Like her name, [Goddess of Water], the skill using [Water] and [Ice] was added. And the concept of [The girl with sleep demands] is revealed in dialogue or job skill.

Q : Why did you select Rod and Staff for her weapons?
A : Aclla and Lada also wear [Rod] and [Staff]. We want to give the same weapons to all goddess characters.

Please, check her following characteristics !!

Name Aisha
Birth Place In a village of ancient Atria
Blood Type B
Hobby Sleeping
Specialty Sleeping in a hidden place
Most important to her Her cushion
Favorite Food Lake, Being in the water
Dislikes Something hot, Accla
disposition [Order] [Moderation]
Hash tags Goddess, Orden, Prophet

[About Character]

● Aisha character wears [Rod] and [Staff].
● She wears [Coat] and [Robe] and has relatively high [INT] and [SEN], so it's expected that she will certainly perform [Middle-/Long-distance Magic support].

[Job SKill]

Aisha's Job Skill [Daydream] has the following effects.

- [Increases A.R. / D.R.]
- [Increases ATK]
- [Increases PEN]
- [Increases DEF in proportion to INT]
- [Increases IMM in proportion to INT]

Duration: 10 secs. Casting time: 5 secs.

With Daydream, you can strengthen [Attack/Defense] both abilities simultaneously to make effective battle despite of short duration.

[Stance and Skill]

[Tal Lasa]

Tal Lasa is the magic stance that is realized by the combination of the power of water and the daydream of Goddess of Water.

The stance uses [Rod] and [Staff] as weapons. Its basic attack is 3 times and it is wide-area attack.
EX) For Stance Lv.25- PEN: 30, IMM: 15
Alisha character basically has [Melee Attack Damage -20%].
Every skill's attribute is [Ice] type.


● [Carya]
- Carya is Instance casting skill with 10m range. It can also attack the enemy in the air.
- Its right attack imposes [Cold Wave] effect on the enemy in a certain probability. It has short cooldown but its damage isn't strong. So, the skill is effective in cutting enemy's skill attack or block the appoaching enemy.

● [Tutana]

- This is the long-distance magic skill that shoots water column straightly to 15m distance.
- The skill needs a little casting time. With skill accuracy, [Pain] applies to the enemy in a certain probability.
- To the enemy PC in [Cold Wave] status, it ignores RES in proportion to [Aisha]'s INT. To the monster in [Cold Wave] status, skill ATK increases sharply.

● [Water Wave]

- This is the magic skill that consecutively strikes the designated target within Max 16m and adjacent enemies.
- With skill accuracy, it imposes [Frostbite] on the enemy in a certain probability. To enemy PC in [Pain] status, [Ignore RES] applies and to monster in [Pain] status, skill ATK increases sharply.

● [RainOver]
- This is special [Channeling] skill.
- The skill hits the designated area 10 times and boasts the strong damage. But Cooldown time is long and Casting time is relatively long.
- To PC in [Cold Wave], [Frostbite] and [Pain] status, [Ignore RES] applies and to monster in [Cold Wave], [Frostbite] and [Pain] status, Damage Increase applies.

● [Aeve]
- The final skill [Aeve] is special [Charging] skill.
- Skill ATK increases in proportion to charging time and it attacks the enemies nearby by hitting.
- With skill accuracy, one of [Cold Wave/Frostbite/Pain] effects will apply by 50% of chance.
- Its skill damage is strong, but Cooldown is relatively long. With short [Charging] time, ATK may be weak.

[Developer's Comments]

- [Cold Wave], [Pain] and [Frostbite] are deadly [Debuff] and they're the heart of Aisha's exploding damage. Continue to use the skill and leave Debuff to the enemy.
- [Aisha]'s [Daydream] has a powerful effect, but duration is short. You must maintain [Daydream] at all time to reveal Aisha's abilities fully.
- To PC: You can weaken enemy PC with deadly [Debuff] skill and then attack the enemy with strong damage. However, Aisha may be helpless to the enemies that remain unaffected from [Debuff].
- To Monsters: The deadly [Debuff] can weaken monsters' strong attacks. With it, you can increase the survival of you and your party members and strengthen ATK of Stance [Tal Lasa].

Until now, I introduced the new character [Aisha].
You can anticipate the appearance of other goddesses like Goddess of Wind or Goddess of Mind.
We expect lots of interest and love for [Aisha].

Thank you.

**This is from Developer of IMC GAMES and page contents from ge.hanbit.com**

Team EuroGameZ