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    Is there a 'Timeout' built into the Loader program?

    Is there a 'Timeout' built into the Loader program, which blocks people who are taking a long time to download the game situation? I ask this because my loading of the game is still unreliable. I get through a few of the loading screens and then the program just stops loading and locks up mycomputer. I have to restart my computer to get out of it.

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    Dear dpld11,

    That's a weird situation and there is no that kind of "Timeout" function but if the internet connection taking long time, it can be disconnected.

    I think it's a software conflict situation of error.

    Team EuroGameZ

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    Happens to me sometimes as well.

    I get out of that situation by bringing up the task manager (Alt-Ctrl-Del) and killing nf.exe

    It's simply a crash of the game software.

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    I have tried calling Task Manager but it just gets put on the bottom taskbar and I cannot put it up onto the screen to use it.

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    The situation improved when I switched to a faster internet system but since the last Windows 10 update I have not managed to play the game at all. It just locks up on the loading screen every time.

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    I have managed to get into the program a few times since my last message but it can take several crashes and restarts.

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    Dear dpld11,

    You mean it's unplayably repeating crash situation?

    If so, please tell us the detailed situation and we will fix.

    Team EuroGameZ

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