bok main page is down.
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    Exclamation main page is down.

    Main page is down and currently having this error.

    EuGE Team please take a look.

    Error Shown:

    Diese Website steht zurzeit nicht zur Verf

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    From the book mark, it is redirected into
    this error shows "This website is currently not available. The domain "" is not available."

    And even the launcher does not work.
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    I'm having the same problem as well. Now the launcher doesn't let me start the game

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    Dear All,

    Thanks for the report post.
    Now we are checking and will fix the website problem asap!


    Team EuroGameZ

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    It's back

    Thanks GEEU-team

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    Dear All GEEU Fans,

    We are very sorry about the situation and now all things are back and working ^^;;;

    I will change the official notice too and we will be more careful to maintain the service!

    Thank you for your patience !!

    Team EuroGameZ

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