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    [GEEU] 2018 GEEU Streamer Event !!

    Dear All GEEU Fans,

    This year, we start again the GEEU Streamer Event and hope many people to join and get the chance of Regular Steamer and the rewards.

    You can just start to stream the GEEU Playing video or make your own concept of nice streaming video and upload to Youtube and link to GEEU Forum, GE Videos section.

    I think people all know how to make more views or subcribers of videos ^^;

    We pick up the nice video and upload to EuroGameZ Youtube Channel weekly basis.

    ※ Eurogamez Youtube Channel:

    When you are successful for this event, you can have a chance to be a GEEU Streamer.

    If you make a good activity and result of your video or live streaming,
    you will have a chance to be a Regular GEEU Streamer and can get 20000 EGC monthly and +7 equipment and accessary set + other support in case too.

    The number of video uploadings or live streaming times, how many hits and how many subscribers you've got in your video link, these will be the standards of GEEU Team evaluation for the winners.

    Event Details

    1. Period: 11.09.2018 ~ 12th.01.2019 during 4 month

    2. How to apply:

    (1) When you start the GEEU Stream, upload it onto Youtube and link it to GEEU Forum Video section and send your GEEU ingame family name via email.

    - Email to:

    We will list up the joiners and evaluate every video and will choose the winner.

    * In case of Live stream of TwitchTV, upload it to Youtube and link to GEEU Form video Section. If you want to prove the performance of realtime joiners or something, you can send the screenshot too.

    3. Video Content Type?

    1) GEEU promotion video
    2) PVP play
    3) Normal game play
    4) Game play guide or quest guide
    5) "I'm a real beginner", newbie's play
    6) ETC and funny and hilarious for people for getting more views or subscribers.

    4. Rewards

    1) All event participation compensation: 3000 EGC (Over sharing 3 videos or live streaming links per month)

    2) Become Regular GEEU Steamer : +7 equip. and Accessary set + 20000 EGC monthly and other support.

    3) For the No.1 Streamer benifit : GEEU Material like GE Artbook, GE OST, GE Clock, GE Puzzle, etc


    * Acording to the forum Likes numbers and GEEU TEAM internal evaluation, the shared video or live streaming link will be selected to Eurogamez Youtube channel.
    * All copyrights will be the video owner. Only in some special cases, GEEU Team will upload your video directly Eurogamez Youtube channel below the owner's permission.
    * Some of event condition can be updated or changed in the future.
    * Not allowed to upload or sharing the others' videos.
    * None of breach factors shouldn't be included in the video link according to the Youtube video policy.

    We hope many people interested and get the gifts of this Event ^^

    Thank you,
    Team EuroGameZ

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    Dear GEEU team

    ^^ interesting event \o/

    I hope i could join ^_^

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    I want Artbook!!! QQ
    " Satis Faction "

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    Good luck to the participants

    Too bad, Philippine's prepaid internet got trash upload speed T^T

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    Has anyone recipe anything from this event? LOL
    have upload many videos and yet havent seen the $$$$ lol

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    Dear All GEEU Fans,

    Sorry about the delayed situation and here is the winner list and congratulation !!

    1st Place : Kurunako

    All proper particpants : Tuztanc, noob, GrindcorePig, ChievGruu, LaRenuille, aelanani, Griboshnik, Prefix

    Please send your ingame name and ID to and you will get the reward.
    If you want to be the regular Streamer of GEEU, please include that hope in the email. We will evaluate and will decide.

    Thank you for your joining the event !!

    Team EuroGameZ

    *Some people who uploaded too few videos or doubled videos has been excluded.

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