9/12~10/16 23:59

Event Details:
Earn Epic coin shop and exchange it for awesome items!

How to earn Epic Coins?

You can earn Epic Coin every after 2 Team matches and every 20 minutes
that you are in-game.

1.You can acquire 10 Epic Coins from every 2 matches.
( maximum of 100 coins in a day / max 20 matches)
2.You can acquire 5 Epic Coins for every 20 minutes that you stay online in a day.
(for 120 mins, maximum of 30 Epic Coins per a day)
3.You can get Epic Coins only from the 3 on 3 Team match, not individual match.

Check out the items you can get in the epic coin store:

--Main Rewards--

Wow Very Shirt

Wow Very Shirt

Earn coins and collect all these items in the Epic coin shop!

Be free to create your own style, Freestyle!