1. The main siege skills of [Demolition Burst] [Tested Burst]: <Blast Shot>, <Blazing Buster>, <Castle Crusher>
Damage to [Colony] of skill will be reduced by 25% compared to the previous one .

2. [Colony stabilization]
• The Stabilization buff is added to the Colony in Non-combat status.
• When in the [Stabilized] state, the colonies start their own recovery in proportion to the maximum HP.
• The [Valkyrie Repair] recovery will increase significantly when the [Stabilized] state is reached.

3. [Valkyrie Crasher]
• [Colony Strike Damage] of [Valkyrie Crasher] is increased by 250% compared to the previous one.

4. [Valkyrie repair]
• The duration of [Valkyrie Repair] will be doubled from the previous one.
• The recovery of [Valkyrie Repair] colonies will be increased by about 68% compared to the previous year.
• When [Colony Defensive Mode] is set to [Varki Repair] and when the recovery volume is in [Colony Stabilized]

It will change to increase significantly .
• [Valkyrie repair (catapult)] item will be added later.