I was looking at the teaser for Altria patch and got the idea of creating a demi human character. Same as the Queen using spear/trident, but having two forms (transforms like Nena in her Violeta Fero stance).

Both her stances could use same weapon but in a different fighting style. Her spider stance would employ her many legs and ability to thread spider silk to slow/stop enemy movements.
We do have tons of polearm users now so maybe going into some other weapon type would be preferable. Two pistols, Cannon, Shotgun (magical damage) etc. Ghost in the Shell anime had a robot spider machine gun thing, imagine angry lady spider with human upper part shooting like crazy and jumping like spider while spiting silk from her butt.

Rose the spirit change. Instead of being summoner turn her into offensive support. Her Floresta stance would function as a buffing / debuffing stance with some damage and she could use her 2nd stance to transform into the rapier using summon.

Sorry it's just random stuff that popped in my head after looking at Altria teaser and some brainstorming fun in faction chat =D