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    Dear Griboshnik,

    Thank you for your joining the event !!

    Let's keep in touch!

    Team EuroGameZ

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    hi all, I made a video in English, although my English is even worse than my native language, but still.. Video made on the background of the game, do not judge strictly) below I will post the text that sounded, just in case)

    Hello everyone, my name is Alexander, welcome to the channel Griboshnik FM. In this video I would like to touch on the history of Granada espado. Everyone who played the game, just know what's going on in it.
    How few could read before the history of the game on Wikipedia. I want to go further and tell you the story, the characters that you choose at the beginning of the game. The story that led them to travel to a new continent.

    So, let's begin. As you know, the game concerned the conquest of America by the conquistadors, the era of pirates of the Caribbean Sea and European culture of the XVI-XVII centuries from the Renaissance to Baroque.
    During the game we will have to live and fight among the animated characters of the adventure novels of Dumas, Verne and Sabbatini, in the era of the corsairs and musketeers.

    At the end of the forces, torn by the war and the need for resources, the country's leadership decides to send intelligence. expedition to find the way to Katai (China). In this expedition were Ferusio Espada and others.

    After a while, a new world opened. Learning about this, Bristi and Vespanol began a new military conflict for supremacy on a new continent. At this time the inhabitants of Oporto decided all their strength and means
    directly to the development of a new world.
    having won the war with Ostruto, Vispanola, in turn, was immediately attacked by Brest, as a result of which a three-year war forced Vespanol at that time to weaken her influence on the new continent.
    Queen Vespanola decided to send representatives of influential families to a new continent to return the land.
    At the height of the war, our heroes are in the number of 5 people who managed to secretly get on the boat and go to a new world.
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    Our journey begins in the country of Porto, in a small town called santar
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