Dear Navyfield Europe Captains,

Today we down the server for patch and maintenance.
NFEU Server will be down during 3 hours like followings.

Schedule : From 9 am till 12:00 am CEST on 20th of September 2018.

Patch Details:

1. Maximum Veteran rate will be reduced to 40%.

2. AA Mission will give Experts drop.

3. Normal Room will be opened by players.

Ongoing Events Details:

1. 300% EXP, Credits and Points of All Battle Room Boosting Event.

2. 200% Low Level User Boosting Event - Below lvl 60.

3. First Win Bonus Event will be ongoing. (Double XP)

4. 200% Veteran Conversion Rate Boosting Event

5. Force No Die Event

6. Random Item Drop Event

Finally we start to update the game and hope things would smoothly.
This can be the first step for improving the situation.

Thank you for you all and we will keep service this game for you !

Team EuroGameZ