bok Sacred character card box is trap noob item.
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    Sacred character card box is trap noob item.

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    The chance to get character you need is dropping over time. Now it is 1.9%, last year rate was 2.7%
    Q: What stance does my character have ?
    Q: What's my max crit rate ?
    Q: What's lv13 of this skill ?
    Q: Which hand weapon is my damage based on ?
    Q: Do you know Rubiana doesnt do lightning damage ?

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    The thing is that it`s hella desyncronized with LB releases and "Free" routes of aquiring rare chars.
    IMC was able to get a good cycle out of it - release rare chars& rare stances with C-S-C-S... cycle in LB, and once per 2 months release a "free route", so things like SCCB will have a "fixed" amount of characters in it.
    But instead we`re getting "free routes" once per year (srsly,it was announced like "One per couple of months"...), and the list of SCCB is growing... IMC was too lazy for last couple of years to manage the game correctly...
    And now they`re making a tonns of stuff which is not really a solution - like char packs...
    Tho there was a couple of events when you was able to select a char (on KGE), that was nice.
    As for GEEU...If we count SCCB as cash-only feature, then a good management of Letizia gift box would prevail over SCCB. Like...we have almost every single rare char inside.

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