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    [GEEU] Update and Maintenance Notice - (06:00 ~ 11:00 CEST, 2nd of October 2018) !!

    Dear All GEEU Fans,

    Finally we implement the Altria update tomorrow and happy to announce the notice.

    Please check below details and hope you enjoy things tomorrow!

    On 2nd of October 2018 tomorrow, our Game Server will be down for the Altria update and regular maintenance like below.

    - GEEU game server down: From 06:00 till 11:00 (CEST) during 5 hours


    1. 29.99.94 update including Altria New Episode Update.

    Please Click and Check the Detail Here !!!

    Altria Teaserver Page is here !


    1. Altria Update Celebaration Event 3 !!

    Page link will be updated here soon.

    2. New Character "Navas" Lyndon Event will be started during 2 weeks !!

    New Character Navas Teaser Page is here !

    3. Summer Snow Festival Event's 2nd shop will be recovered during 3 weeks !!

    4. Letizia Event will be finished and will come back 2 weeks later with new Character packages and better packages.

    We tested and prepared the new contents and hope people enjoy the new good things.
    Even though the situation, if you find any translation errors in the new contents, please report it via ticket and we will provide a small gift for your reporting of translation!!

    Thank you!

    Team EuroGameZ

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    Good news! and good luck team~

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    So many things happening tomorrow, I love it *.*

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    Best English GE Server!!

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    Navas is bugged, cannot use coat. Please fix thank you D:

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    Hi GMs,
    Is it possible that you update your latest installation files in your website so that when we download it, its already at the latest patch? my client got corrupted in the process of updating and now i need to redownload the patch from what ever the last version of the installation files is.

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    Scenario is bugged. Some rings to make enhanced is wrong

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    Quote Originally Posted by lizzuyen View Post
    Navas is bugged, cannot use coat. Please fix thank you D:
    look at ctrl m, she only wears ROBE

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    Quote Originally Posted by xbrats View Post
    look at ctrl m, she only wears ROBE
    She is supposed to wear coat. Check the GEEU Navas teaser as well as kGE for proof.
    Enigmatic Family.

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    Dear All GEEU Fans,

    If you have problems on downloading the new patch files, please use below links.
    We are making the new full client and will try to provide more comfortable situation.

    We are checking the quest problem and the Navas Coat problem.
    We will try to hurry up to finish the issues of problem and will make more comfortable playing situation.

    Thank you!

    Team EuroGameZ

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