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    [Update info] Altria update, October 2nd.

    So in this thread i`ll give a bit of information about upcoming changes that`s waiting us tmr.
    This post is currently WIP.

    I`ll use information that i`m able to collect through different sources- be it KGE Silver server patchnotes, live KGE server patchnotes, another servers, a firm discussion with other ppl or anything else. Any scenario details can be totally different due to different translation of GEEU,misunderstanding, or other stuff.
    Update content:Altria
    Scenario, main questline, subquests.
    Altria questline is named [Advanced Post Prorio]. It`s quiet a short questline (if you don`t take all the possible subquests) mainly taking place in new locations.
    Short scenario info(SPOILERS!!!):
    After Synodia, a lot of time has passed, and all major factions of GE world is united to conquer Altria. After the death of Novia, a mysterious route is opened in Katovia. This route allowed Pioneers to visit new locations -Camellia Thea, River of Fire. Both locations is under control of powerful bosses (Naming can be frustrating, Camellia Thea boss is called Oggjeff, while River of Fire`s one is called Quinnitulla. I`ll put actual GEEU naming after completing this quest on GEEU.). Also there`s a bunch of normal monsters.

    During the 1st expedition after building the Advanced Base, everyone got their supplies stolen by a mysterious creature, but when the boxes was found- only food disappeared, no armors,weapons or any other stuff stolen, only a few broken .

    During this scenario we`ll face both new bosses, find a culprit who stole our supplies, and face a creature that`s even more powerful then Orden.

    This questline is actually close to Leona recruit in it`s structure- we`re going to gather some helpers from different fractions...or, if we`re confident enough, face everything without any help.

    Total time required for the whole questline is a couple of days for hardcore gameplay without any helpers,there`s no hard limiters like Cranus`s Shield Piece from Synodia or Vera farm. But instead the amount of monsters to be killed is sometimes huge,and 1st part of questline involves ~~10-20 full Vergo (R3 mission) runs with clearing all the monsters in the mission(normal monsters, according to KGE -Pasiars, not Mein or Vergo himself),and 10 R4 private raid runs.
    Short subquest info
    Sierra shred some crazy important documents, and we`re going to fix it and uncover some mysteries that it store. Piece by piece you gotta find every single page and then lift a powerful spell that`s sealed in this documents.
    We`re basically working as Shariff`s slaves , our main task is to gather many different kinds of stuff- from Strange Springs to Royal Insignias. Everything will be used by Shariff and Rascel,and delivered to different corners of the world.
    An Vespanola Admiral is visiting Viron &Castilla soon. Leonele is totally shocked as he thinks that if that new Admiral will face Adriana- they both gonna let the world burn,as their hatred for each other is very strong. We`re gonna save the day again.
    After Armonia scenario ended, Vega escaped the Armonia with some really important artifact. Without this artifact Armonia will fall , so we need to save a day again.

    Rubiana is not really fit to be a princess..or so she think. Despite the fact that a lot of ppl in Illier admire her alot, she`s still need to learn how to lead other people to their bright future. And we need to teach her a couple of lessons...Or maybe she`ll teach us about how twisted she can be?

    Co`A recruitment quest details
    Co`A is from a wild tribe that lived in Altria a lot of time ago. Due to experiments of ancient priests, her soul was devoured by spirits of the snakes,and after that a powerful being found her and cared about her for a long time. But she`s not really experienced in communicating and....basically,she`s not really experienced in anything but fighting. We`re gonna fix it, teach her how to speak ,how to read...and how to live a human`s life. Do not worry, centrain noble woman is really interested in Co`A and her knowledge about Altria, so she`ll help us.

    Daily quests
    A lot of different daily quests will be added- at least two for each major faction of GE. This quests will allow you to collect an items used to craft new artifacts, or you can trade it for various items.
    Same as Kielce daily quests, there`s a centrain progress with the grotwth of favor rates in Altria. So the more you do this quests- the more you`ll get from it.
    One of factions will give you "additional" reward every day. That`ll change daily,and you`re gotta finish the quest in the same day.
    You`ll be also rewarded with new boxes,which is in fact a "buffed" Shiny Boxes of Zenia (Require 3 Shiny keys to open), for example, "Armonia reward box" or "Bristia reward box"

    New Artifacts
    A few new artifacts will be added, united into 4 lines (Illier,Vespanola, Bristia, Armonia) and 3 tiers each (12 pcs total).

    Each artifact will require you to finish a lot of daily quests from Altria, given by the factions.

    Karin`s pendants, aka runewords will not be available in our version! It was disabled on KGE 4 days after it was announced ,and there`s still no info about the date it`ll be available again.

    Expeditions is basically a system that allows you to use the characters that you don`t really love to make a small,not-guarenteed, but constant profit. This system will be reworked on KGE soon ,but the version that we`ll recieve is basically making the expeditions a way to recieve a small amount of family reputation (always) and different other stuff (sometimes).

    How it`s working:
    Every characted you have in your barracks will be marked with 3 "Tags". This tags is usually something you can guess from a character`s lore- for example, Sierra will be marked with "Prophet" tag,Armonia`s characters will be marked with either "2nd Holy War" or "3rd Holy War",and so on. In total there`s ~100 tags in the game.

    Each expedition have the following stats:
    1) Time required to finish it.
    2) "Basic" reward, in other words, the reward that you`ll recieve anyway- for all the missions that i saw, it`s "Medal of Honor".
    3) "Success reward"- a reward that you`ll get additionally by a little chance. Usually it`s something minor, but useful- platinum bars, low-level recipes, valeron powders, or maybe crafted stuff.
    4) 3 "tags", each giving different effect for the expedition . For example, if you`ll send a character with a needed tag- you can lower the amount of required resources, lower the time needed for expedition to finish, or increase rewards.
    5) Stat that`ll influence the mission. For example, STR. If you send a character with a high STR for such expedition- it`ll make a chance to recieve "success" rewards higher.
    6) Resources needed - usually some usual resources like Shiny Crystals or Platinum bars. You`ll spend it even if your expedition fails,so...

    In total,there`s ~100 different expeditions in our versions, and you`ll recieve 5 per day at random base.

    QoL or small gameplay changes
    *QoL = Quality of Life, in other words- changes that do not affect the in-game stats, but make gameplay more clear or comfortable. I`ll include the small changes that affects gameplay here too.*

    1. Graphic settings is now available in the game itself,without need to exit the game and change it in launcher.
    2. Family summon now will consider the same rules as quest warp- summoned family now should visit the location before summon. No more skipping the Jaquin run during Auch scenario. =-(
    3. Master Guardian shop now will include the ET stance book.
    4. Stance description will now include the ammunition info.
    5. Earring of Cerpheus will be changed to quest item- no longer need to loot if from the floor, no longer able to
    6. Auto LB opening function added. No comments.
    7. ...

    New bossess and mission

    In total, this update will give us 2 new bosses (1 for each new location),and a new R7 private mission.
    New bosses (Ogjeff and Quinnitulla) will be announced in Altria scenario questline. Their major skills:
    Ogjeff: He can devour monsters around him to recieve a powerful buff
    Quinnitulla: She have a kind of RR\R6 armo Individual\Cranus bosses system- change the form (Melee\Shoot\Magic) and ignore 1 kind of damage, plus absorb it into HP.

    PvP players will hype on new system- you can get info about the boss respawn time (only for 2 new bosses) for 5 Growth Stones. The time given will be will be "X'o clock" of boss respawn.

    New R7 mission will be based on Ogjeff boss. The gameplay is pretty simple- clean the monsters, kill the boss. Different soldiers (for example - Bloody Navy, Armonia crusaders or Imperial Guards) will help you.Other mechanics is similar with scenario mission. Rewards is the same as other R7.
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