bok [GEEU] BUG Catovic Pionering " Investigation of various waters"
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    Question BUG Catovic Pionering " Investigation of various waters"

    im take quest missing town from Ludeza vishiha but quest line stop and npc only say " uhm there is not any definete clue"
    this case is quest information not show quest 'Investigation of various waters' and im stuck right now can't do catovic pionering quest more please help me bug or crash client maybe


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    Those are 2 different quest. Katovic quest line is one the other is the third call from simon ayande. For the call of simon ayende look in your recruit tab in quest info and find the one about garcia or gavin forgot his name. After you recruit garcia that quest will be finish. First quest of garcia should send you to the map prior to going to katovic i think.

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    Thanks Noob !!

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