bok [GEEU] Patch problem again..
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    Patch problem again..

    "It has been deleted caused by damaged zip file. Please restart and download it again"
    c:\Eurogamez\...\ (1352)"



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    Tried uninstall and reinstall v27.93.58. Now worst..launch it to patch and get this:

    "Runtime error"

    This application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact application support team for more information."

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    Dear All,

    If you have problems on autopatch, please manually download below files and try to update.

    If you have problem of runtime error, please use below full version files and try.

    (Folder with all 3 files.)

    It's Russian by default, but you can replace update.config.xml and updater.revision.txt with updater.configENG.xml and updater.revisionENG.txt.

    Delete the ..ENG of the name and erase the original files.

    We checked and tested again and it's working for fixing the runtime error bug of full version.

    Now we are making bugfree full version client.


    Team EuroGameZ

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    I have tried to download the russian version but I gotr corrupted files trying to open it and after that it keep giving me server error message trying to download againe. If possible please contact me in skype to try solve the problem. The updater I got is very old version for some reason and i get runtime error no matter what I do. Also, I didnt found any zip files in the game folders.
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    Dear binba,

    Please send ticket and erase your skype ID here.

    You tried this files?

    Team EuroGameZ

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    Already sent ticket and was sent to download the files from that adress. Download keep failing. I manage to download once but got corrupted files error trying to unzip it and now I get server error when ever I try download it againe. I still have the other download files but those wont work they just keep giving runtime error.

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    Dear binba,

    Please use, not full client on the website.
    Now we are making newest full client again and will upload soon.

    Team EuroGameZ

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