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    Quote Originally Posted by itsyous View Post
    Everything you wrote is basically "Remake the PvP concepts from a scratch",lol.
    And...the sad thing is that you`re right.
    While sometimes WxPVP was funny (basically due to totally other list of imba chars), with time going it became what it is now- yet another oneshot\CC fiesta.
    A.R.\D.R. stats is what`s killing this game after some point. It seems like a good concept, but overall it`s cancer, cause it`s simply "invisible wall" in front of the weaker player`s nose.
    Due to A.R.\ATK\PEN being usually a more often available option then D.R.\DEF\RES\IMM -we`ve got a oneshot fiesta with rare unkillable gods.

    What makes me actually sad is the fact that GE files have some notices about way more interesting options for it`s gameplay.
    Chips for knockdown time\knockdown duration, changing the classes with equipping different rings,etc. But instead we`ve almost never came out from "AR\DR\ATK\PEN\IMM\DEF\RES" prison.

    But overall , it was a wrong path for last few years. And i really doubt that it`s fixable with one or two big patches. Basically it can be fixed, but...IMC just began to work hardly with a game`s code. Really, last year bring us more new mechanics and stuff then ever before.
    But it`s still a "one or two big changes per 1-2 months". While full PvP rebalance is something really,really massive. I doubt IMC simply have enough resources to do it.
    IMC is example of greedy company, I dont think they learned the lessons.

    The balance change is a joke. Its only balance between "unkillable gods"
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