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    [Announce] Yet another GE blog.

    I`m not really into playing GE now. But still i`m kinda interested in GE-related stuff. Also i`m interested in manipulating the GE files as my hobby (i use it to learn different programming languages, different approaches to my code style,etc).

    So i decided to let myself feel entertained by GE once again.
    I decided to open starstorm-like little blog with GE-related stuff, combined with actual database of GE stuff.

    I`ll set the deadline as 15th of November, and this thread will motivate me to do things a bit faster.

    Reasons to do that:
    1) Most of old quest guides are either outdated (considering nerfs to questlines with every new major patch) or simply shattered to a lot of different sources.
    2) There`s almost no solid database for newer or updated stuff- Expeditions, Achievments, etc.
    3) Many game mechanics info is hidden inside the game files, and never shown to ppl. Like enhancement chances for accessoires, for example.
    4) There`s no solid tierlists based on numbers that i know. And i have almost every single char to compare them.
    5) That`ll entertain me at least a bit.
    6) I`m too lazy to do it without any solid motivation.

    This thread will be updated by me from time to time to mark my progress,discuss needed info with ppl (if anyone care about it, but even if i`m the only one- i`ll still do that). I`ll try to stay as open as i can with it-maybe even sharing the systems i use when i`m done.

    Currently done stuff:

    Parsing from IES files:
    1. Monsters
    2. Characters
    3. Stances
    4. Char.pages with stances included
    5. Achievments (with rewards)
    6. Items (Including enchant options, recipes, in-built stats)
    7. Basic quest info
    Things to do:

    Set up and configure CMS
    1. Setup and configure CMS
    2. Make GE-related CMS template
    3. Convert parsed stuff into CMS articles
    4. Order hosting and domain name
    5. Make the parsing and updates as automatic as possible
    6. Parse more stuff (Expedition tags for characters, expedition tags itself,more detailed quest info.
    7. Record full questline from Rebo to Synodia, if possible- to Altria ep1 final.
    8. Record every single mission completition. (Lower diff. level if can`t solo, higher one if soloable, squad for multi-floor raids,faction missions,etc).
    9. Record DPS tests for every DPS Expert stance.
    I hope to maintain both Ru and Eng versions for this database, and i`ll try to report as much stuff to GEEU GM`s that i`ll find in progress (possible bugs, typos,etc)
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    Be careful though that some client-side chances could be fake as they have been moved to server-side only at some point and may also be dependent on other factors.
    I don't expect that for enhancing (apart from rumored server-side rigs), but for roulette for example.

    DPS comparison could be very interesting and doable although I never had the motivation to complete it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skiwi View Post
    Be careful though that some client-side chances could be fake as they have been moved to server-side only at some point and may also be dependent on other factors.
    I don't expect that for enhancing (apart from rumored server-side rigs), but for roulette for example.

    DPS comparison could be very interesting and doable although I never had the motivation to complete it.
    Roulette is not exist in client anymore. It was deleted about 2 years ago, and the file that contained roulette info before is now only contains "Sorry" texts.

    I do really know that there`s centrain..."Corrections" to RNG in some things.
    It was really well shown 3+ years ago with Alchemy in Viron. While client files contained info about 5-10% chance for EJ, it was only true for 1st 10-30 mins after server startup, as amount of EJs available in alchemy was "fixed" server-side.
    But anyway, that`s "Corrections" , usually any info from client is useful anyway.

    There`s even info about mechanics that was abadoned by IMC, lol.

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    A short peek of what`s currently done, and what`ll be done this week.

    I chose Wordpress as CMS (tho previously i was hardly using Joomla) to let myself experience different approaches to centrain things from Wordpress. And for such site as game database it`s...actually fits pretty good.

    Currently i have the following elements for my system:

    1).bat file which extracts IES.ipf, Dictionary.IPF ,UI.ipf (those 3 files is the only ones needed for the database), converts every single IES file extracted into XML, puts files into separated directories, converts XMLs into UTF-8 (w\O BOM) as i`m mainly using PHP currently for XML parsing, and simpleXML is way easier to work with UTF-8 files.
    2)A set of PHP scripts which can be run from cmd\ powershell, which parses XML files, apply parsed info to HTML pages, and store it. Currently the structure of the files is:

    CharacterRUS.php- parses basic character info (stats, portrait, bio, job skill info , sets of weapons\armors used, char buff....etc). Finishes with a list of used weaps and stances corresponding to that sets.
    Files used: datatable_job.xml, datatable_skill.xml (only used for job skill), datatable_stancecondition.xml.
    UI elements used- portrait from UI.ipf/Barrackportrait/ , job skill info from UI.ipf/Illust/

    StancesRUS.php - parses complete stances info. Used files:
    datatable_stancecond.xml, datatable_skill.xml, datatable_stance.xml

    Cname (Class name) Rus.php -merges char page and every used stance page into one big page.

    After that, pages already can be added into Wordpress, and currently it gives the following result (almost non-formatted HTML with no linked images ATM):
    Using the HTMLImport 2 plugin for Wordpress, i can shorten the process to ~15 min. Looking for a way to start HTMLimport from a command line using PHP or automate browser actions, so the process can be started without a need for me to act.

    Next things to do is:
    1)Make a better template for character pages- spoilers\tabs for stances , maybe colored bars for stats. Doable in...dunno,actually.
    2)Include the Expeditions info - aka tags for each character. Doable in ~30-40 min.
    3)Show only LV10 skill info if the char is rare one (doable in 1 hr as i need to check which char was the 1st char with a job skill that had no rings, and make a list of chars from modern content that`s rare and still have lv12 job skill achievable( for example- Vanshee, Crusader). Just to make char.pages as neat as possible.
    4) Learn about Custom Fields in Wordpress, and probably try to make a char selector- like in online shops, which will allow everyone to ,for example, select characters with 90 STR from the list.
    5) Automate the image linking. Doable in 2 hrs (convert image, delete centrain elements of file name, put it into webserver directory)
    So until next weekend i think i`ll have a good quality of character pages..
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    So...Today the progress is...
    1)Cleaned job skill levels info- if lv1,lv11,lv12 have no difference with Lv10, only Lv10 will be shown.
    2)Converted stance info into a bit better way- instead of huge list of all stances being rendered right upon page loading, currently stances will be shown as tabs. Each stance will be shown together with its icon from the game,and icon extraction and crop from main icon list is automatic too. Looks a bit weird for a characters with many stances, like stock Fighter or Catherines, but totally OK for modern chars with a couple of stances.

    3)Applied some CSS to make page look more compact . Still thinking about layout, but overall it`s way better.

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    Not a lot of changes recently ,actually. I was kind of busy.
    Char. expedition info -successfully parsed,each char now have all 3 tags from expedition system.
    Only "NONE" tag (mostly used for hidden chars) left behind. Not sure if it`ll be fine in future, as IMC seems so unstable in their XML design. If there`ll be errors- i`ll fix it asap (minor changes takes like 5 min to fix and 1-2 min to re-execute scipts).

    Next one is achievments- successfully parsed few pages (each page contain one category of achievments, for example - PvE-Missions). Can be simply put as separated pages.

    Items- Dunno how to put it currently,tbh.
    My scripts allows to generate a Jupath-like structure (one page for each subcategory), ,but i also want to put separate templates for some categories.

    Now i want to dive deeper into images-related stuff, maybe maps (like Jupath- marks for NPCs and other stuff).

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