Do you want to unleash Beelzebub of the Team Devil's Door?

Height Avg : 185 / min :170 / max :200
Position : All Positions

30 seconds of transformation time and after 60 seconds
cooldown,can transform again (can transform more than once)
enjoy +30 of selected attributes every transformation.

Only the legendary Roly Poly can release him!

Event Period: 10/17 - 10/30 23:59 (PDT)

Here’s how!

You have to awake the Roly Poly using the Eye Marble.

Each Eye Marble quantities have different effect when drawing
the Roly Poly!

You can get Suspicious Red, Red, Golden, Green and White Roly Poly
from the Legendary Roly Poly.

And receive different items depending on the color of the Roly Poly you
acquired in drawing.

Feeling Unlucky? Do not worry!

You can collect Gourd Bottles every time you awaken the Legendary Roly Poly!

1 Eye Marble = 1 Gourd Bottle
10 Eye Marbles = 13 Gourd Bottles
50 Eye Marbles = 70 Gourd Bottles

Exchange your accumulated Gourd Bottles to these items!