bok [GEEU] Official Announcement of EuroGameZ about Drop Rate and Future Plans !!
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    [GEEU] Official Announcement of EuroGameZ about Drop Rate and Future Plans !!

    Dear All GEEU Fans,

    Recently we got some of tickets about high tier gear drop rate about our server.

    We are checking and checking with Dev and the conclusion is like this almost for now;

    1. All GE server's drop rates are all same and EuroGameZ didn't changed it and followed original Korean server setting about the item drop rate.

    2. People can feel other server drop rate is higher than our server but it depends on how many people playing and how long the server is. Compared with that points, our server can be felt like that and we understand that.

    Next week, we do the final check about the drop rate and this case will be closed or fixed if problem found.

    Additionally, we are planning to do things like below;

    1. We will do the Valeron give-away Event in this month, that is going on on Korean server with Altria 2nd update now.

    2. Lyndon Event and Character Special Sales Event will focus on Character release and newest and passed good characters will be the main.

    3. Letizia Event will focus on Gears and other things that is valuable like new 37 grade gears and Valeron Blessing. We will provide the selling-wise 37 gears but the Valeron gears might be slightly better than this selling gears.

    4. As the long term plan, we will add more items in in-game shop or web-shop with fixed price and will provide the option for people to choose between fixed or rolling.

    EuroGameZ hope this comments can clear up those recent issues and can provide more playable and enjoyable GEEU contents value for the future.

    Our 30.27.77 translation is done and Russian translation started and things are going on smoothly.

    We think This update can be end of this month or Early of December as the Christmas and new year gift for GEEU Fans.

    Thank you and always grateful for your support for our server!

    Team EuroGameZ

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    Thank! We will w8 it^_^

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    inb4 increase drop rate to accommodate whiners *cough*

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    High tier drops only belongs to a single faction, why are they complaining? And no, thank YOU for your hard work, we understand that this is a free to play game and thank you for importing all the good events from Korea.

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    1vis event for a month!! weapon payout event!! increase the black hole instances in Armonia

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    Firstly thank you for the hard work.

    I believe there should be a fine line between pampering players and taking good care of them. Having regular events and listening to player opinion is what EU GMs are doing great, but I do not support altering drop rates just to cater to players.

    Please look into the potential bugs and gameplay issues rather than drop rate issues, the entire server will be grateful for that. Good luck and all the best for the future patches!

    PS: Aisha is still bugged in PVP.
    Enigmatic Family.

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    hahahaahhha good idea

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    Good idea to improve drop rate, if the rates are improved we wont mind spending more to gear up and prepare for the raids or even go to field raids.

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    ^You'll get threatened to a faction war if you dare touch the field bosses

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    Oh GM started a tea spilling session @.@

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