bok Guardian Lu vs Doom?
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    Guardian Lu vs Doom?

    any test about this 2

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    They`re different.
    Doom= great spacebar (esp.crit) damage.
    Ru= instant powerful skills.
    Their field of use is different - while Doom is great against tanky bosses (esp if their tank stat is great amount of HP), Ru is great in one-shot fiesta for both PvE and PvP.

    So - Doom is probably still king of long-term missions like weekly ones (exept Orden ofc,as Orden is about Hermes), while Ru will come handy in next update for farming private missions, as his burst damage is higher and he can oneshot lower ranks bosses.
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    i see but RU good on high def bosses?? or not coz i see his skill all ignore def etc

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