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    [FS2EU] Letter Collecting~

    Event Period: 11/14~11/27 23:59 (PST)

    Collect the letters and complete 2 sentences!

    By completing [WINTER?=BALANCE!], you can get a chance to acquire awesome items!

    1. Play a match to get event letters!
    - You can get up to 2 letters as a match reward!

    2. You can get letters from Item Ball
    - You will be given one [Letter Random Box] per 1 Item Ball use
    ex. if you use 10 Item Balls, you will automatically get 10 bonus [Letter Random Box]

    3. You can also get letters by playing matches. (lower chance)
    - Since we are giving 1 bonus letters for using 1 Item Ball for sure, it might be the fastest way
    to complete the sentence!

    However that doesn’t mean you can’t get letters by playing a match

    Maximum of 50 boxes per day!

    4. Get a Random Box for completing first row

    5. Get SP Random Box by complete all sentence.

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