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    Regarding next Lyndon Box rewards

    Well apparently kGE has begun their next milking scheme : Anti-destroy Valeron +7 x3 in normal, 100th, 200th, 300th rewards. While I don't think kGE has a problem with it (with them having myriads of armors, weapons and set), it's still a tad too early for our server, don't you think? Please consider replacing the items to something else -_-. Or whatever, discuss here.


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    Rip le server lol. Is already hard asf to kill people on +7 valeron lol +8 valeron is rip

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    #Pay2Win *
    Granado Espada SGE/SEA:

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    Morning All,

    Then what can be good for our server instead of that item? ^^

    Team EuroGameZ

    *Please freely recommend proper items for our server !! We will consider.

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    The usual Anti-Destroy Santo +7 , or Dazz Spod/Obs Package (this will be the 2nd in a row Lyndon Box without Dazz Spod/Obs)

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    I agree wholeheartedly with what the thread starter had said.

    A good replacement can be "Dazzling Spodumenes x9" or "Additional Reward Coupon x200".

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    OK good and any other good suggestion for Lyndon?

    We will consider things and will make the proper event for our server !!

    Team EuroGameZ

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    Santo Armor Recipes? or Strata +7 Anti-Destroy?

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    Just auction ++++ armor 20 def 3DR like IAH xD
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    Anti-destroy Valeron +7 x3 ?
    pretty sure people will spent more on cash shop to support server. I dont see got Anti-destroy Valeron +7 x3 on LB is a problem.
    Everyone can donate to server so they can get goodies and improve their gears. if you want suggestion? improve rate on LB to get better chance getting good things on it. People get more goodies so they are happy to spent more on LB.

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