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    cannot register id,always show 'Already in use!'

    and i found quite a lot NFNA ids validated failure.

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    Dear outin,

    We checked and tested and the registration function is ok now.

    Do you have ID of old NFEU? NFNA IDs is not working here. It's separated server.


    Team EuroGameZ

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    WeChat Image_20181126120118.jpg
    i didnt register this id in NFEU before

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    Other people use that ID we think.....

    Team EuroGameZ

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    Two days I can not login to the server.
    Will there be some update or this is the end?

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    Dear venom58,

    Currently NFEU server has some problem and fixing things.
    We will open the server soon.

    Team EuroGameZ

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    Thanks for the notification.Maybe with some event you can put the players back.We hope :-)

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    It would be nice to know what's going on.

    The problem is, quite a few people playing this game don't come very often to this forum.

    Not being able to connect, they might just assume the server has been shut down.

    I don't know, it has been said many times before, but EurogameZ MUST become better at communication.
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