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    Question to mods GM


    I have question i know that most likely for using bot of some sort i could be banned for good but what about simple key presser im kinda weak still and i thought that maybe i could buff myself with principal when i farm on mobs for that i could try to use key presser to simply press one key once in a while what you think is that thing forbiden too i wana ask before i use and get ban

    Thank you

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    Its a 3rd party program so that means its not ok use it. Where are you pleveling?
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    Dear mozurg,

    As people said, 3rd party tools are not allowed in GEEU.


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    No to 3rd party, it ruins the game and relationships in real life. lolz
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    Quote Originally Posted by mozurg View Post
    use key presser to simply press one key once in a while

    Thank you
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