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    Question to mods GM


    I have question i know that most likely for using bot of some sort i could be banned for good but what about simple key presser im kinda weak still and i thought that maybe i could buff myself with principal when i farm on mobs for that i could try to use key presser to simply press one key once in a while what you think is that thing forbiden too i wana ask before i use and get ban

    Thank you

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    Its a 3rd party program so that means its not ok use it. Where are you pleveling?
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    Dear mozurg,

    As people said, 3rd party tools are not allowed in GEEU.


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    No to 3rd party, it ruins the game and relationships in real life. lolz
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    Quote Originally Posted by mozurg View Post
    use key presser to simply press one key once in a while

    Thank you
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    The best answer is probably in mechanics.
    Old "Captcha" report system counted all non-spacebar actions to trigger a captcha. Not only attacks -ll skills exept healing, any no-reason moves, higher aggro radius, etc. It all triggered a captcha.
    Basically it`s impossible to tell if player on the other side uses software like bot , or it`s modified hardware ( like macro keyboard\mouse of gaming series),or any other player (like "it was my brother"). So basically the only option to check is to make player behave in a way human do - enter captcha (was bypassed so much years ago, tho non fully- it still rely on public captcha solving services, which require money) , or make him tell a couple of words in chat (either public or private).

    Usually GM check is something like question "Are you there?" with a short answer time. If you`re actively playing- you can answer and no problem. If it`s bot or something- you `ll notice only after next client check, which can...still be "there and now" , or a hours later.

    Basically...can "key presser" answer in chat? Short answer is "No". So basically any GM will count you as botter, even tho X-Trap will keep silent and so on.

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    If you have to level with principal because they die otherwise, you might be in a wrong location for character levels.

    Fastest way to get over vet-expert-master is probably sacred sedecram (promo, but the passes are often given out on events, at least 1 day passes). If you have too low gear for that and a bit of time (1 hour gets you quite far already), get a expert levelled Jack and a heavenly craft, as well as a elite le noir with a halfway good chipping. Should shoot up your chars in a quite short time, even though i know its boring as hell.

    I know its not much of a help, but to be more accurate, we would need more info on where you are levelling, which setups you want to plevel or the gear range we are moving in (constellation? evil? strata? armonia?), so we can give more detailed infos about legal ways to level quickly.
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