Whole idea about the new rank stuff is in my opinion great still it will take a bit of time to get weapons but it's easyer now then before.

Ther is jut one dawn side of it some missions became useless in terma of stuff you can get from it.

Befor the update I was doing missions quite often with low results as the rewards were crap now after individual I have nothing to do apart from bh nimrod became useless for most of the ppl.

I know well I suppose that this missions were created to help lvlup but to be honest this cards give nothing and nothing apart from the cards can be taken from this dungeons.

Ther is nothing to do after dailies and rank bh.
I know that it's a bit but like for me if I start to plan in a free day after some time ther is nothing to do nothing I will add that I don't enjoy afk play style it's boring and I have a feeling that ita all about afk which is not really playing the game its wasting of electricity.

Idk if you guys can do something about it you I mean devs gms from GEEU but it would be nice to update rewards change them at least to tokens magic stuff or something not exp cards who need exp cards really not even low lvlas cos getting them means waste of rep and rep is not something that you want to waste.