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    Some suggestions for Dev?

    Hello everyone! Question for GE EU Team - We was speaking in discord with GE lovers, some old players who not play, who play now here, who play in other servers, was remember many nice things what was in GE, but now delete, like Batle Arena (not faction) , Batle Colloseum (from Rebo Gate of Queen), Poisonous Yard (Coimbra Bridge mini pvp event for everyday) and many many others, we can explain why its was interesting, and why need to back some of thins - is it posibly to convey our wishes to Dev? maybe they will think about it again.
    I am sure that other players here want to offer IMC someting too, if its possibly, lets make list with offers ? Everyone who want make few offers (With a detailed description).
    Sorry for my english -_- , good luck everyone!

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    I am suggest to bring back old system of colony war. What is it ? The colony could be downed by using only cannon which means Castle crusher. And keep implement this new things like Trebuchet, colony upgrade, and More HP for colony. So, it will takes time to faction to down the colony. And also, it will makes other faction interest in joining CW if like this ? I do not sure as well.

    Old version, except cannon (castle crusher) only able to give 1 dmg. so it is like need good team working to destroy colony and assist who gonna be pvp and who gonna be cannon user. Not like this time, while Rubiana ruined all ).

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