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    Good day to all,

    So this discussion is kinda messed up and sorta out of topic. Lets be more civilized here and mature enough to discuss what each side wants. Maybe we can agree on to something if we will try to step back a bit. For other players on the this thread or forum, please dont make the situation worst, be more helpful by making realistic (will work on both sides) suggestions and not throw muds on each other. We are grown ups now and we know better, we should not dwell on the past, we need to step forward and work things out eventhough we have our differences. That is actually the reason why we have different factions.

    O well, maybe we can have a representative from each faction to talk about what they want in behalf of the whole faction (because not everyone is in this forum) or maybe try to throw in some suggestions?

    Please state your IGN and faction (if possible) to be more credible.

    This will also help devs and GMs to decide what they need to adjust or remove if needed. For this game to survive

    I think i we have @lingjw (velik) from athena to talk in behalf of their faction?

    Also @lizzuyen (Lizz) is here too from EC?

    Im from SM - but im not a representative (lol) but will talk to our FL/DFLs to talk in behalf of SM - or maybe can jump in, since they are also reading this thread.

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    join forces or form an alliance to fight athena...? i think that expectation is the problem. what if we simply don't want to or aren't interested? the main goal of pve factions is to conquer the game - finish the scenarios, do raids, and kill the field bosses. it's already a sense of achievement for us if we get to do these. this game should be for every type of player. what's frustrating is when the pvp aspect goes beyond CW and affects our preferred game play... just curious - what happens when no other faction bothers to join CW? you control all the cities and taxes, field bosses, and all members have valeron sets? war the entire server due to sheer boredom? bullying is a universal and real offense, even in just games. that's why management has to be involved and should regularly tweak the system for fair competition/game play to accommodate all types of players, not just those in control.

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    Well, then i think i can join too. Kinda long and useless opinion.
    My past IGN is Rumbis, probably some ppl know me there. For some reasons i simply don`t want to declare my current IGN widely. I used to carry the same IGN in SGE Rembrandt few years ago.
    Currently i`m not representative of any faction (i`m not even active for a few months ingame), but in the past i was the founder of the one of major PVE-only factions of GEEU. As far as i know it, currently our faction is alive.
    For a couple of years that our faction exist, i always kept "no fighting" our main rule. Most of wars that our faction used to have was from personal conflicts or aggressive behavior from other factions. Yeah, sometimes the conflicts was kinda serious, sometimes we even got ppl leaving our faction to have a chance for PvP.
    First of all- "no fighting" was our main rule due to the fact that force war option is destructive for weak players. And yeah, you can`t simply tell "git good" and think that the problem is solved. There`s still players that enjoy PvE side of this game, and they simply don`t love GE`s oneshot fiesta PvP. As the same kind of person with really bad mechanical skills - i find the feeling of progress waaaaay more enjoyable then ugly GE`s PvP. And there`s a plenty of ppl in our faction who thinks the same way.

    In the same time, GE have really awful game design in some points. While in typical MMO player can get really powerful without interacting with PvP content and even market in any way (tho it still can take years), in GE such things is not working, and that`s horrible. Basically one of the main stats - D.R., is heavily linked to PvP activity (field bosses), with no raidable\event\quest\etc alternative. You either PvP for armor recipes or get it from ppl who`s ready to PvP. That`s all. For PvE -only factions that`s death sentence.
    But that`s still a part of it`s game design. You cross someone else`s ambition- you gotta compete and fight for it. That`s how it was designed. Limited amount of armor recipes, dropping only from field raid bosses- is the same form of competition as CW or CB. But in the same time it affects your powers heavily.
    But with last few patches and some upcoming updates such stuff is getting a bit easier. You still don`t have access to Valeron set effect , (and basically losing 2 D.R. due to that by using Santo...which is also limited), but all PvE content can really be closed with overgearing Armonia set. Orden included).
    So basically aside from personal ambitions (e.g. if you want to get a top-tier equip simply because you feel "endgame" from it, or you want to use pure statcheck team comp which can`t survive something without top-tier equipment), you can really play fine without interacting with PvP.
    So for factions like our - force war is mainly a threat that makes us feel unsafe. As wars can be forced simply because someone else got bored, it`s toxic, but you can live with it. You gotta, actually , because that`s how the game was designed.

    Disabling the force war...Well, do you really think it`ll solve anything? Do you really think it`ll make the game more fair? As long as PVP is not disabled completely (not only force war, but also PK aka Baron aka Burlon mode), you`ll simply face the same stuff. Yeah,it`ll become more risky( Baron includes the risk to lose a part of your equip), and harder to manage ( you gotta not only kill the enemy, but also make sure that you don`t kill your mates), but still it`s like that.
    And with single faction having access to Valeron set effect-it`s hard to tell if Baron is even risky. +2 D.R. is still +2 D.R.

    Basically the only way to solve the QQing is to make an alternative routes of getting Valeron\Santo armor recipes. Which is... a heck of work to do. Not only it`s really massive amount of job to balance everything, but also it`s impossible to do without Dev. Once again- GEEU is simply a publisher, afaik no source code access is given ( like JGE). So every change made will be made by devs. And...It`ll probably never happen until at least all major servers will ask for it. Dreambreaking, but IMC don`t look like they want to manage any server related stuff. And i can understand why- it`s simply harder to manage. Making 4 different game versions ,or even 2, instead of 1 - is totally different approach to management.

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    hi, new player here, all i see is taxes, not nice.

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    see that?? with this toxic environment caused by greedy individuals, new players wont be interested in playing this game.. tsktsk..

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    When you can gather people but
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    Q: What's my max crit rate ?
    Q: What's lv13 of this skill ?
    Q: Which hand weapon is my damage based on ?
    Q: Do you know Rubiana doesnt do lightning damage ?

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    My opinion
    CW falled, because fractions start make unions
    So when one of union disappear, pll stop CW because don't have enough power and pll
    So then,fractions Start find new unions,
    We can see more unions at few last years like un4-404, 404-SB,404-LL, Satis-two over one, and etc... (p.s it's not only 404 make unions)So now when SGE pll can and make union all start hate then, it's strange because when euro pll occupate this server noone organize tread(maybe just I don't see this, so I am srr)So like pll say before better not Bild one big frac,a do like others servers,they have 4-7 frac for CW, so maybe u set u own taxes

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    Quote Originally Posted by xbrats View Post
    im not mentioning names, its just sayings.. what you are in real life reflects in the everyway you doing.. thats it.. im not pointing to anyone,
    Takes one to know one.

    Keep judgments aside and focus on the topic.
    Taxes(High or low) are part of the game.
    Declaring war is part of the game.
    Hoarding field bosses is part of the game.
    Dominating CW is part of the game.

    But all these are CONSEQUENTIAL.

    What have any of you done to prevent this ****storm from happening?
    Ignored I'd bet, thinking others will carry the burden for you.
    Assumed it wouldn't get to you because you want PVE only.

    Why be bothered with High Tax anyway? Raids, Missions, Quests are just there and will always be there, just do your normal routine, farm farm farm farm... just with a bit of extra cost
    Bluewater Family :rolleyes

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    Split atens to 4 faction and let whem fight each other. i like idea

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    It's just fair trade anyway. All others get 5%-10% more tax (its was flat 5% before) on few consumables since we can use katovic shop to sell. While Athena can craft and buy all the equips in the game with noone to use it to (with exception of clique battle). The tax was obvious provocation > they got called out publicly in forums (where GMs has higher presence in game) > they tried to backtrack > other abusable contents in-game are brought to attention > sharing opinions are deemed whining > now everyone is in a standstill on who is going to give in, lower taxes to please players outside of Athena OR Give in and "try" to fight them in CW with obvious item gap between them. This is just entertainment for others who don't really care anyway. Enjoy the game while it lasts I suppose, since people would rather see the server crash and burn than choose NOT to abuse game contents (force war,hoarding,etc.) and actually have a healthy competition.

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