Collect the letters, Chase the ball, Control the rebound!
Remember these 3C’s in Christmas Bonus Stage event.

Event Period:
12/12 0:00 ~ 19/01/08 23:59

Event Mechanics:

1.Play a match and collect the 6 event letters
(You can get a letter every 1 minute and 30 seconds)

2.Complete the letters and play the Special X-Mas Match!

3.The number of rebound you will have will be the amount of
X-mas boxes you will receive.

NOTE: You cannot get more that 25 boxes per X-mas Match

Grace’s X-Mas Box
Get one of following:
Freestyle Ticket 2,
Point Sponsor (1D),
EXP Sponsor (1D),
Double up Sponsor (1D),
Megaphone 5,
Card ball 2,
Item ball 2,
30000 Points
50000 Points
Dummy Glasses

Once you have completed the letters, you can start it all over again.

Enjoy free items from Santa Grace!