bok Judith vs Guardian Ru (with doom) (PVE)
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    Judith vs Guardian Ru (with doom) (PVE)


    Small questions : Which buff gives the most for Doom? Is it guardian Ru buff or Judith.

    Also in term of dps, which one is better ? Judith or Guardian RU?

    Last question : Does Guardian Ru gives +1AR to the whole family or just himself?

    Thanks :-)

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    For buff to melee char , Judith is better. (Ru don’t give 1 AR to other char tho)
    cuz Judith gives 36 atk , melee penetrations.

    But for RU , He is TOP DPS that can buff other char.
    He can kill boss in Rank Mission faster than C.Daria.
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    My G.Ru is just perfect combining with Doom and C.Daria <3
    Granado Espada SGE/SEA:

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    G.Ru is bad with Doom, but good with C.Daria
    To maximize Doom dps u need branch with crit chance and crit damage
    While C.Daria and G.Ru uses other branch with hecate or penetration

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