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    [Developer's Note] Fox Siblings, [Miha] & [Miho]

    [Developer's Note] Fox Siblings, [Miha White] & [Miho White]

    This is Developer N.
    Here, I'm going to introduce new character, Fox Siblings, [Miha White] & [Miho White]
    who practiced Taoist magic in Mountain Kyewall of [Coria]!

    [Miha White]

    "I want to be Taoist Master!!"

    Miha who had practiced Taoist magic in Mountain Kyewall decided to leave home owing to
    a longing for the outside. He succeeded in escaping(?) from his godmother's surveillance and lots of adventures welcomed him.

    Miha grew up day by day, going through the world. Finally he arrived at Granado Espada and enjoyed his new life, experiencing many missions.
    But, the shadow of other fox is chasing him.

    [Miho White]

    "I'm looking for an ugly fox. Have you even seen him?"

    Godmother's adorable Miha left home and she lay sick in bed. It is Miho who was in trouble owing to her runaway brother. The elders of Mountain Kyewall asked Miho to capture Miha.
    Although she had lived a normal simple life of practicing Taoist magic in Mountain Kyewall, she must leave for the western to capture Miha.

    At last, she came to RED HAT of Bristia. Madam Heyran scouted her and Miho became the most famous staff at RED HAT. In the meantime she heard that someone saw Fox-eared
    man in Reboldoeux.
    She's going to run to there...

    [Development Story]

    Q: What made you develop Fox Siblings this time?
    A: [Miha] and [Miho] are the characters that won first prize in Character Competition.

    We were really eager to develop the characters. We had waited and waited to get the chance to make them.

    Q: What's the emphasis on developing [Miha] and [Miho] characters?
    A: We reflected the original form which was depicted in Competition for the basic setting and characters' personality as possible as we can. We just added a little of details.

    [Basic Introduction]

    - [Miho] & [Miha] sibling use [Special Bracelet] for their weapon.
    - [Miho] character wears [Coat].
    - [Miha] character wears [Leather Armor].

    [Job skill]

    - [Miho]'s Job Skill [Soul of Fox] increases A.R., Attack SPD and INT.
    Normal attack leaves [Mark, Soul] bringing the beneficial effects to brother character [Miha].
    - [Miha]'s Job Skill [Spirit of Fox] increases A.R., DEF and INT.
    Normal attack leaves [Mark, Spirit] bringing the beneficial effects to sister character [Miho].


    [Nine Tails] is [Miha] and [Miho] exclusive Magic Stance. They developed it by utilizing Taoist Magic they had trained in Mountain Kyewall.

    It's Attack type stance. Both Skill attack and Normal attack can inflict damage.
    They are mainly short-/medium range skills.

    For Stance Lv.25- PEN: 25, IMM: 20
    [Miho]'s defense type is [Blocking] and
    [Miha]'s defense type is [Evasion].

    Stance [Nine Tails] uses Special Bracelet.
    It features 4 times of Normal attacks and single target attack.
    [Miho]'s [Nine Tails] is long-range attack and [Miha]'s [Nine Tails] is melee attack.

    Though it has basically moderate ability, Stance [Nine Tails] has special function
    [Fox Transform].
    If it's realized, the stance will boast of the powerful performance by explosive Ability improvement.


    [Fox Form]

    - The first skill [Fox Form] is both attack skill and buff skill that can be used only in the specified situation.
    - Need to gather [Fox Bead] by 9 to use the skill. If used, [Fox Form] inflicts low damage
    and then changes into [Fox Transform] state.
    - In [Fox Transform] state, ATK, DEF, PEN, Move SPD, Attack SPD, IMM, Max HP, Max SP increase and Casting Time decreases in proportion to the caster's status. [Skill attack]
    and [Normal attack] increases dramatically.
    - Can NOT gather [Fox Bead] in [Fox Transform] state.
    - [Fox Transform] state will continue even if the character can't act.
    - [Fox Transform] state lasts for 5 min.

    [Nine Crystal] [Nine Pro-port]

    - Nine Crystal: 12m long range attack skill. Shoots 9 Fox Beads to two enemies including
    the designated target. Needs short Casting time.
    - Nine Pro-port: Melee attack skill. Runs to 2 enemies including the designated target
    to hit and blow away them.
    - With Skill accuracy, can get [Fox Bead] x1.
    - With Skill accuracy to the enemy in [Mark, Soul] state, [Miha] can collect [Fox Bead] x3.
    - With Skill accuracy to the enemy in [Mark, Spirit] state, [Miho] can collect [Fox Bead] x3.
    - In [Fox Transform] state, [Skill damage] increases dramatically.

    [Sparking Fox] [Flame Fox]

    - Sparking Fox: 14m long range attack skill. Creates powerful electricity by sending Fox Bead in the designated area. Needs short Casting time.
    - Flame Fox: 12m long range attack skill. Rushes to the specified target and creates flame. Needs very short Casting time.(Bane said, "It's mine!!")
    - In [Fox Transform] state, [Skill damage] increases dramatically.

    [Fox Pearl Trier] [Fox Trivinyl]

    - Fox Pearl Trier: Attacks one enemy within max 15m. Rushes to the specified enemy and throw Fox Bead to its killing point. Needs short Casting time.
    - Fox Trivinyl: Melee attack skill. Beats one specified target indiscriminately.
    - With Skill accuracy to the enemy in [Mark, Soul] state, [Miha] can collect [Fox Bead] x3.
    - With Skill accuracy to the enemy in [Mark, Spirit] state, [Miho] can collect [Fox Bead] x3.
    - In [Fox Transform] state, [Skill damage] increases dramatically.

    [Tail Crash] [Fox Rampage]

    - Tail Crash: Can attack the nearby enemy. Whips the enemy with tail and blows away them.
    - Fox Rampage: Dashes to the enemy in the medium range to strike its killing part and blow it away.
    - Available only in [Fox Transform] state.
    - In [Fox Transform] state, [Skill damage] increases dramatically.

    [Developer's comments]

    - Collect [Fox Bead] x9 and change [Fox Form] to [Fox Transform]. You can enjoy Skill damage's sharp increase.
    - Stance [Nine Tails] can NOT attack in the air.
    - Remember that [Miho] & [Miha] in [Fox Transform] state can be very powerful.

    Until now, I introduced the new characters, [Miho] & [Miha].
    Eager to develop these characters, we had much pleasant time in making them.

    We look forward to your much attention and love for Fox siblings.

    Thank you.

    This is from Developer of IMCGAMES and page contents from

    Team EuroGameZ

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    Here we come. Korean name again:

    1. Fox Pearl Trier
    Korean: 폭스 펄트리에
    Client english name: Fox Faltrie
    Suggest english name: Fox Pearltrees or Fox Faltrie

    2. Fox Trivinyl
    Korean: 폭스 트리비널
    Client english name: Fox Tribinal
    Suggest english name: Fox Tribunal

    3. Nine Pro-port
    Korean: 나인 프로포트
    Client english name: Nine Froport
    Suggest english name: Fox Profort
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    Q: What stance does my character have ?
    Q: What's my max crit rate ?
    Q: What's lv13 of this skill ?
    Q: Which hand weapon is my damage based on ?
    Q: Do you know Rubiana doesnt do lightning damage ?

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    They can't hit flying?

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