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    Where should I go from here?

    Hey all!

    Just returned from a long hiatus and the game undoubtedly changed in many ways especially the raiding system.

    As of now, I have 4B vis and got no idea what to do with it. I intend to focus on rank 7 individual raids to farm master chips and tokens and ultimately a valeron eq.

    I amusing Hermes with +5 ILE 130+ human stats. She is obviously insufficient if I want to farm rank 7 so I could use some inputs.

    Thank you in advance.

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    u should buy an OP character that can do rank missions easily, like Ru. He uses 1 weapon and seems to be the cheapest of them all

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    What is the minimum armour to tank rank 7? I'm wearing a +6 GC 3 DR but will still die.

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    that should be good enough, as long as u have a good weapon. Also use emilia as buffer so you can protection field your dps.
    most rank7 are melee except the demon one i think, that one even the mobs hurt lol.

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    rank 7 has been quite a challenge for me

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