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Thread: miho 1st skill

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    miho 1st skill

    just noticed miho 1st skill sometimes not working even if u got the fox bead buff to lvl 9 already. if u pressed the skill it will only show the fox tail releasing but it will be gone also, can you please check it, thanks

    there are others who told me the same thing..

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    That happens when you don't hit any monster with 1st skill. Transformation only works when skill lands.

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    hmm if fox bead lv 9 already, just need to land some skills then use the buff? by skills u mean any of her skills?

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    nope, the 1st skill is an attack, the buff happens when that attack lands

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    1st skill will work when you collect the ball for 9 balls then you can use the skill. and!! you must use with mobs if without mobs skill will not show...

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    hows miho miha vs rubi or doom etc?? thanks

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    Rubi is best mdps for burst dps in 1 skill if have no much time. but if rubi got interupt while using skill miho will be damage same....
    Doon is best mdps for normal atk and skill in psysical.

    Miho is good for dps but need stack buff then why rubi is better.
    Miha is good for pvp but need stack... lol

    answer is rubi, doom best, miho and miha normal

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    thing is if rubi zap cd ..... fox mihomiha can equal the damage .... hmmmp AA also OP

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    Miho and Miha also have a problem with flying mobs they cannot hit flying mobs, why that happens they actually magic type hiting so why they dont hit flying ??? thats bugg or something also need to check please

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    That`s even noted in dev article.
    That`s intended like that.
    IMC balance...

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