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    About Karin's Enchant Sedative and Behind Story Event

    Dear All GEEU Fans,

    Karin's Enchant Sedative was the event item and supposed to be deleted because it was event item.
    But the event notice was not clear and we decided to recover the items.
    Next week maintenance will bring back the items!

    Behind Story Event will be followed with every monthly Lyndon Event and it will come back again soon every month!


    Team EuroGameZ

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    Is it new IMC idea to make accompanying Story event with every new char?
    Wizzy power forever
    Requiem Family

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    Yes, it is new features of 2019 GE ^^
    Any worries???

    Team EuroGameZ

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    I like this feature, makes accesories and some armors easier to get, artifacts also after finishing that event quest and even without the lyndon box char one can still get some bonus, i really like this.

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