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    Hello everyone, Is it really this quiet on the game?

    Been here for 2 days but haven't seen anyone...
    I dont know if it because i didnt do my starting mission.
    Been so long since i last played this game..

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    I've just been back to NF. I hope more players will come back again. So far I've played with 1 player. There was another player I played with once but haven't seen him again.

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    Absolutely right, there's nobody on the server.

    The only guy waiting for you here is the server's gravedigger, parkpark.

    He's trying to improve his winrate at your cost.

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    I met 3 other players last night! Highest so far....that's sad.

    Yes, I played with parkpark most. I was online most often. I don't mind losing (I hope the lower level player I sank many times doesn't mind either). Our levels are different and this game wasn't designed to be play between a few ships. Balance is best with a large number of players.

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm also a gamer I played in the past and now I'm back
    It hurts a little to see that the server is really empty

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    Hope to see you in the game, the_king.

    I usually play between 21.00-23.00. parkpark is another regular player. I also started to see a couple of new players this week.

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    Hi, hope trade system is active here. In case it is i will spread the news in old player base. Many stopped playing cause trade system is down for new servers.

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    Our server trade system is available ^^


    Team EuroGameZ

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