bok dear geeu, can you set up a pve server?
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    dear geeu, can you set up a pve server?

    dear geeu, can you set up a pve server?

    the pve community has long been suffering from bullies and ksers since the very day sge shut down and, even worse, is now unfairly burdened with greedy taxes, and so is badly wanting to migrate somewhere these bullies stand no chance.

    of course we understand that all are part of the game and perfectly legitimate, but bullies, ksers and greedy taxes would not have been any issue at all if the pve players had in the first place been given the option of a pve server.

    moreover it is foreseeable that your current efforts in promoting new players will be in vain before long simply because of fun being eroded by hostile taxing.

    once your pve server opens we believe the entire pve community will migrate, and new players joining in there will feel more relaxed to play ahead. pvp players choosing to leaving behind will then be able to gradually shape their environment to become even more fit for their play style.

    we absolutely love ge, we love the community, we love pve, but we extremely hate the prevailing pvp nonsense.

    dear geeu, can you set up a pve server?

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    2 servers= split population = no huge raids

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    Is this sarcasm or serious I can't tell.

    While the dominant faction setup the tax rate to 20% did seem like a move that a jackass would do, I don't see how it's gonna drastically affect the motivation to play, the most circumstances that you'll be affected by tax is

    1: Buying bullets, health-generator, ress pots. The 20% on these lowly priced items doesn't even seem significant.
    2: NPC-ing/Selling items to merchant, which CAN be remedied later on as newbies progressed and clear the katovic equipment series quest(any one of it)

    From what your solution suggested (seperate into a pve server) that it would discourage bullies and ksers, but isn't disabling PvE would actually ENCOURAGE more ksers and bullies as they would not be punished by the forced pvp?
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    The possibility is low.. we can say.

    Now we are contacting the faction leader too and will find some better mood situation for server.


    Team EuroGameZ

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    Quote Originally Posted by EuroGameZ View Post
    The possibility is low.. we can say.

    Now we are contacting the faction leader too and will find some better mood situation for server.


    Team EuroGameZ
    You force your paytard follow those noob
    Those "BULLIES" is the one who keep server alive by buying your CASH WEAPON and VALERON BLESSING, even +7 ANTI DESTROY VALERON
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    Sadly creating a new server is very bad thing and wont solve your problems.

    Also I know is nice GM here actually read what ppl saying but on this issue I dont think is good idea to get involve and tell a clan what they can and cant do. Lol

    And sadly the tax thing was funny for a bit but now ppl taking it too far lol. Is not even that bad, but if ppl really want a change why not go CW. Lol even if you get war you wont get killed in field unless you hitting boss. Lol of course there are some ppl that have a bigger e-P then mine and I get killed but most of the time i can afk all night. And if you get killed you get to killed then back.

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    Create new server is not solve the problem. if you sadly on tax why you do not go CW ? i think if you can take just 1 you can adjust your tax for 0 or 5 that its up to you.

    if who got the colony and got nothing on colony. why still should have CW ?. if you know some faction spend a lot of vis for trebuchet... that why owner of colony must got compensate back....

    just go join CW that will help you only one choice...

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    Why so many people just want the gain without paying price for it. Want low TAX but wont join colony war. GOD only help those who help themselves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GUNDAM View Post
    Want low TAX but wont join colony war. .
    because 80% or more is PVE players

    I just leave EU becaue too more pvp and too low reward for this, just not worth to play EU version

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