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    STREAMER EVENT, worst contender is here =__=

    Hi, I made some russian pvp stuff. Quality is very bad, just like language and montage, and my voice.. and music.. Tbh I think I gonna be ashamed with this disgusting video, but lemme try it first xD

    *edited by GM to make the video screen to be seen here.

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    Thanks GrindcorePig,

    It's ok and it looks good ^^ Let's keep in touch!

    Team EuroGameZ

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    Hi, I made another one here

    Now I cut away my voice and dat loud mechanical KB noises replacing it with some retrowave and oldschool hardcore-crust punk. Kinda musical video about my useless attempts full of despair XD
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    Dear GrindcorePig,

    You can use the full link address of youtube and can show the video with 'insert video' function here ^^


    Team EuroGameZ

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    Im 2 stupid for this kind of alchemy >___>""

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    Okie, I made third video. This time I trying to counter control-meta with stack warlock and r.emily. Obviously failure. Meh .__.

    I tryed to make it look like a disco party so beware of eye-ear-ra*e >___>

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    The video is not working...-_-;;;

    Team EuroGameZ

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    Ye, it was blocked because I dont know why XD
    So I just made a booooring montage using a bit glitchy VOD and GE soundtrack.
    Not that kind of content I wanna make, but now Im afraid of making smth better cuz never know when u gonna be blocked >__>
    I will rework my third video for next month, now Im uploading fourth lazy mantage >___>
    Hope it count

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    Avoid using copyrighted songs, especially under Sony, Universal, Avex and other major labels. You can look up a handful of non-copyrighted music so that you won't get that error again.

    If it's anime songs, I would suggest making a test upload with some picture with music behind using the fastest/lowest render quality, put it on private/unlisted and wait 10-20mins if it will get a copyright notice.

    Youtube [click] || Also known as Lunetia family of sGE

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    WORST video I ever made so far. Absolutely disgusting. This is how pvp-path of weakling like me ends: lags, bugs, latency, stupid strats, control abuse and HUGE waste of time and neural cells. 20 minutes - just 2 fights. Enjoy my suffering.

    WARNING: I use my voice at second part of the video. My voice is not nice.

    Wish me a good luck in making PvE content.

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