Dear GEEU Fans,

On 29th of January 2019 tomorrow, GEEU Game Server will be down for the update and maintenance like below.

- GEEU game server down: From 07:00 till 11:00 (CET) during 4 hours

[Update Contents]


1. Added new scenario - Altria Episode 2: Viento del Mar.
- Trigger quest mail by moving to town after completing Altria Episode 1.

2. Added new map - Portus.
- People can go to Portus from Prurio map.

3. Modified some stances/skills. See itsyous's translation for details.

4. Added new Extra mission - Quinnitula (1/day) for 1-10 players.
- Talk to Noah in Prurio to start. Rewards include Crystalized Nucleus (cannot be traded).

5. Added new NPC to Prurio to exchange Crystalized Nucleus for armor, weapon, accessory, or consumables.
- There's a limit to how many exchanges you can make. Limit resets each month.


1. Fixed Halloween costume for Executor Anis.

2. Fixed Chill debuff effect not applying properly.

3. Fixed issue with Stone Cortes for Seal the Storm (Resurrection of Orden) quest.

4. Fixed issue with Karin's Potion when buff is already applied.

5. Fixed issue with Altria Episode 2 scenario quest relating to Quinnitula.


1. Added new map - Ruina.
- Gladiator buff (30 minutes), gained by using Arena Key, is needed to enter map.
- Arena Key is dropped by monsters in Portus (max. 1 in inventory, 0 in warehouse).
- You are moved to Portus after 1,000 monsters or buffs.

2. Added 2 new monsters, "Revenant" and "Iskra" to Portus map.

3. Added Navas to Heavenly Character Card Box.

4. Fixed Quinnitula mission not applying x2 bonus roulette on weekends.

5. Fixed Activity recovery issue in some Altria maps.

6. Fixed some wrong skill icons.

7. Fixed enhancement issue with some enhanced stance rings.

8. Fixed quest issues in Altria Episode 2 scenario.


1. Added new character - Lu, along with recruitment quest.
- Receive quest mail by moving to town after completing Altria Episode 2 scenario.

2. Fixed buff issue in Rank 7 Camellia Teia mission.

3. Fixed issues with Altria repeatable quests, Recruit Idge quests, Recruit Beatrice quests.

4. Fixed issues with Twisted Time: Imperium Arma.


1. Added new Extra mission - Portus.
- Frequency: 1/day for 1-10 players. Roulette rewards include Crystalized Nucleus (cannot be traded). Talk to Noah in Prurio to start mission.

2. Improved drop rate of Necro Shaman's Crystal for The End of Jurgen scenario to 100%.

3. Fixed Quinnitula's skill problem.


1. Modified various stances/skills. See egado's translation for details.

2. Fixed some issues for quests, map, stance icons.

3. Added item group tabs to Feso Shop.

4. Fixed boss issue with Silent Maze mission.

5. Fixed drop issue in Castilla missions (hard mode).

- end -

[Event Contents]

1. Payout Event will be started and run during 2 month !!
2. Pro Token Event will be finished.

*We are happy about the situation of update but there is a critical problem and the update can be delayed. Now EuroGameZ and IMC working on that and sure about the situation but we notify the anticipated delayed situation for the case.

Thank you!

Team EuroGameZ