Introducing the new Basketball League!

Event Period: January 16 ~ February 20

Event Guide:

-Win one game in the regular matches to be qualified to enter challenge the Basketball League Competition
-The designated Team Leader will choose which court the party will challenge.
-Receive Basketball League Badges when you play the game. Winners of the match will win 2 Basketball League Badges.The losing team will get 1 Basketball League Badge
-Exchange Basketball League Badges for various exclusive rewards!

There are 6 Court Zones which can be conquered:

-Intersection Area
-Residential Area
-Rucker Park
-Back Street
-Redeveloped Area
-Waste Plant

Only 2 Zones will be immediately available (Rucker Park and Waste Plant) other zones will be opened upon further notice.

There will be a Court Ranking to show who the boss is every week! Just click on the Court Ranking button to see who are at the top of the ladder ranking!

Reward Mechanics:

Want to flex and show your performance in the Basketball League? Exchange accumulated Basketball League Badges for these rewards and let people know you own these courts!

Conquer the Courts, Show your Dominance, and win exclusive Rewards!