+ Pro:
Stats dramatically increased.
Can access 1 type of stats easier (Ex: Can build alot of damage without spend alot points on def stats and vice versa)
Have characteristic attribute (HP dmg, Shooting damage, etc)
Can add 20 pen/immu attribute without problem.

The game is more unbalance. Because damage dealer got more damage while everyone HP stays same.
Some key attribute is overshadowed by 20 pen/immu.
Hard to combine character because of characteristic attribute (ex: If you bring Shooting char with magic, it will cause shooting/magic attribute is bad choice)

Therefor, i suggest the new attributes page:
1. Family can have 27 attack points, 27 defense points, 27 utility points
2. You cant spend more than 27 points on 1 page. Cant use 27 defense points in attack page.
3. 20 pen/immu attribute is removed (Dont ask me why, you know it)
4. You can spend points on any utility attribute without any condition. (Ex: To learn rank 7 attack, you need learn rank 6 attack attribute first)
5. You only can learn 1 attribute in orange line.