bok Is Lisa STR, HP or AGI?
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    Is Lisa STR, HP or AGI?

    I would like to see your inputs. Thank you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EldeonROSE View Post
    I would like to see your inputs. Thank you.
    People said "SEN"
    Q: What stance does my character have ?
    Q: What's my max crit rate ?
    Q: What's lv13 of this skill ?
    Q: Which hand weapon is my damage based on ?

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    Pick AGI if you don`t hit the atkspd AND evasion cap with your default buff set.
    If you have both atkspd and evasion capped- go for HP.
    Going STR is useless, as Lisa is pure debuffer. So don`t even bother for racial chips on daggers- atk SPD& Trigger cap on overenhanced Strata is your choice.
    The idea is that you have to put everything on surviving& applying as many hits as you can to proc LS. DPS of Lisa is too low to think about it, so basically anything that allows her to lifesteal is okay.

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