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    Rubi or Doom

    Hi all,

    I currently have some vis that is only sufficient to fund for a character. I can't decide whether Rubianna or Doom/CDaria has a higher ROE when there are like ranks/raids now.

    Hence, I thought I'd hear from the experts in this forum.

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    If Rank mission, Doom is the best choice.
    U have to waste time for C.Daria's Holy sword. So no.
    For Rubi, I have no idea.

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    Yeah, doom is decent in rank missions. That said, I've seen a couple of Rubi's raping individual raids too. Great question my lad...

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    As already said above- in equal conditions C.Daria isn`t really fit - her stacks is losing until you have either only one decent racial sword ,OR your weapons overall is too weak. If you`re looking for a decent ranked spammer- pick either Doom or G.Ru (quest Ru should be very expensive to use, as his stat gap from G.Ru is in the 200 food buff limit, so you gotta spend vis\ time on food\farm).
    As for MDPS - Ruby is still fail-safe choice, but you might want to switch to any newer mdps if you have a reasons (artifact crafting, other bracelet element, etc).

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    Thanks for the replies everyone. Does spamming ranks help you earn vis faster than going for a squad raid?

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