bok new barrol need drunken ring??
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    new barrol need drunken ring??

    or just stance ring ty

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    or just stance ring ty
    you can or may not since you can reach lvl 15 cobra by spamming the job skill, most important is you have his stance rings (shooting promotor gives 1 ar at 11 and more crit dmg on lvl 12, also stance skill dmg are buffed if you have 2 rings specially his ultimate skill "Totte"). thou if you already have cobra rings, then much better since you can reach max cobra lvl in 2 less buffs. equip 2 cobra rings, buff cobra, then switch to stance rings, use stance buff, then buff cobra subsequently thereafter.

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    cobra ring?? why need that

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    Drunken,not Cobra.

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    sorry yeah Drunken not cobra, can't edit post.

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