bok [KGE Silver] Advanced Boosting Package & Dialogue skip option
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    [KGE Silver] Advanced Boosting Package & Dialogue skip option

    In the patch of KGE Silver today, advanced version of Boosting Package is introduced, and Dialogue skip is now available (for Bristia scenario only atm).
    What will be buffed by "Pioneering Premium" :
    Experience +100%
    Stance EXP +50%
    Warp Free
    Ancient territories (ex. Sedecram)
    1000 warehouse slots
    +20 Warp slots
    +50% Item drop
    +150% rank token drop
    +150% Glyph drop (Restore activity)

    What`s important : items with the same, but higher effect will replace the buff of Premium.
    For example, if 1500 Warehouse slot item is active, you`ll get 1500, not 1000 and not 2500.

    Also, new wings is available, probably cash also:
    - Attack Rating / DEF Rating +1, ATK + 30%, DEF +10, Damage to monsters + 15%, Penetration +5, HP +2500, SP +300

    What`s your opinion about all this?
    IMO- if it`ll be the same with medals& artifacts ( non-tradeable cash only) - hell no. If it`ll be tradeable, and by some means in-game aquirable - hell yeah, please. I can be comfortable if it`ll be widely available, but as pure cash hook- hella no. While you can grab many of such effects with currently existing items, +50% Glyph and rank token will become it`s unique effect. Still tolerable even if it`s cash-only (basically "You`ll have to grind more if you don`t have it"), but... I really hope IMC will not bury the monetization even harder, by putting hard walls between cash users and f2p.

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    Cmon man. They need money. It's not a mega-popular game so...
    Time to move on

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    Quote Originally Posted by sanklero View Post
    Cmon man. They need money. It's not a mega-popular game so...
    Time to move on
    It's not a mega-popular game because they need money
    Q: What stance does my character have ?
    Q: What's my max crit rate ?
    Q: What's lv13 of this skill ?
    Q: Which hand weapon is my damage based on ?
    Q: Do you know Rubiana doesnt do lightning damage ?

    >Click here to see answer<

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    Reminds me of the old times were it was kinda mandatory to have Home Premium Service to be able to level properly in Bahamar AA for example. And KoG hunting.

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