bok [KGE] Kassandra, Guardian of Quiritatio
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    [KGE] Kassandra, Guardian of Quiritatio

    Armor: Metal ONLY
    Weapon Polearm
    Role Off-tank, support (non-healing), melee DPS
    Job Skill Latium: buff, attacks stack debuff that lowers DEF(-2 per level),RES(-2 per level), DR(-2 on levels 1-9, -5 on level 10). Up to 10 stacks, additional effect on Lv.10 stacked. INCOMPATIBLE WITH LUCKY STRIKE & GRINDING (both forms). While Latium is active, Kassandra have BFC-like mechanics (Destruido on any skill hit, released on next one ,buffed again...). Destruido from Latium adds IDEF for Kassandra.
    Stance Filo
    STR: 80
    AGI 60
    HP 80
    DEX 60
    INT 40
    SEN 30
    Lore: Kassandra is the captain of guardians of Quiritaro, the heritage of ancient gods. As Orden is currently aiming for Quiritaro to start the great purge of the world, Kassandra has awakened, but she still have to regain her emotions. Basically she`s a homunculus created by ancient gods, and Watcher (red-haired loli girl from Altria) isn`t happy about the fact that she left Quiritaro.
    Additional info: No air skills.
    Stance buff is team ,giving defence stats.

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    Crusader daria confirmed
    Q: What stance does my character have ?
    Q: What's my max crit rate ?
    Q: What's lv13 of this skill ?
    Q: Which hand weapon is my damage based on ?

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    Skill motion video
    Debuff seems to be -2 D.R. on Lv9, -5 D.R. on Lv10. And -20 RES\DEF.

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    lv1 debuff -2 dr -2def -2res
    lv10 debuff -5dr -20def -20res 10sec
    cant overlap with risa debuff and lucky strike

    credit goes to Gor Kim in Utube

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    So current info:
    Her defence stat is Evasion. Not as much as Lisa, but she have a couple of other methods of survival. Her stance buff boosts evasion,block(+10-13 both), decreases monster damage (Can`t confirm what`s meant, hope it`s about lower damage taken, not -% ATK), heavily decreases damage from enemy`s AOE (-30%).
    Her debuff is not 24\7. When you reach Lv10, you can`t keep it , it`ll last for 10 seconds and then begin stacking again. There`s a minimal gap in which boss will not have her debuff at all (gap between her spacebar). Technically it`s better for organized squads, as you always 100% know when -5 D.R. will be active. But worse for newbies, as high trigger dagger Lisa probably can keep -5 more often. If Cassa is more then 1 per squad - they`re able to stack it faster, tho.
    Her main stats is probably HP\AGI. As her damage seems moderate- you`ll want better survival. She have Claude`s like mechanic (keystone attrib like) which converts her HP stat into higher skill damage (under Destruido). Tho due to low evasion sometimes AGI may be better (AGI affects evasion, gives higher ATKSPD ,which allows you to stack faster).

    Her job skill gives IMM and D.R.

    Dunno if Lisa RIP with "stacking" Cass in big squads, but seems really OP for solo farming.

    Cass vs Lisa...

    Cass PRO: Family buff, guaranteed -5, higher damage, better phys. survival, no-brain debuffing(not depends on squad) , less troublesome chipping, solo weapon, way harder to one-shot.

    Lisa PRO: Better overall survival (+5 d.r. from Counterattack, higher evasion, more RES from leather) if not one-shot, in theory can keep -5 more often , easier to obtain.

    Cass CON: LB, can`t keep -5 24\7 even in perfect condition, lower evasion, lower RES.
    Lisa CON: Debuff needs to be chosen according to squad, can`t give -5 without good chipping, lower damage by herself.

    Well, that`s ...balanced, actually.
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    What's her level 12 Rapu effect for her stance if anyone has her rings?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MirabilisObscura View Post
    What's her level 12 Rapu effect for her stance if anyone has her rings?
    Linear scaling.
    +12 Block\eva,-12% monster damage taken, -30% AOE damage taken.
    No DR scaling or etc.

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